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Texas Music Adjudicators Association Sight Reading Revision Committee (SRRC)
TMAA has formed a committee to study the current UIL sight reading processes used in band, orchestra and vocal evaluations (contests). This committee consists of the members of the TMAA Executive Committee (which represents all divisions) as well as two members (one middle school and one high school) from each division. The committee’s purpose is to consider ways to simplify the sight-reading procedures used at UIL evaluations in order to make the process more closely resemble how a group would sight read a piece of music in a normal classroom setting.

Any proposals submitted to UIL by the Sight Reading Revision Committee will require approval by the TMAA Executive Committee, the UIL Music Advisory Committee, and the regions throughout the state before any changes are implemented.

The TMAA Sightreading Committee Survey is now closed.

Sightreading Committee Process Update - April 2019

TMAA Statement Concerning Sightreading Processes - Spring 2018

If you would like to provide input to the committee, please contact any of the committee members listed below.
TMAA Executive Committee

Greg Countryman, Committee Chair & Executive Secretary
Jeff Turner, President
Mark McGahey, Past-President
Jeff Bradford, President Elect
James Drew, Concert Band Vice President
Steve Wessels, Marching Band Vice President
Craig Needham, Orchestra Vice President
Cheryl Wilson, Vocal Vice President
Gerald Babbitt, Liaison to UIL Region Music Executive Secretaries

Middle School and High School SRRC Representatives

Amy Allison, MS Band
David DeVoto, HS Orchestra
Joanna DeVoto, MS Orchestra
Cody Myers, Band
Bo Shirah, MS Vocal
Gloria Ramirez, HS Band
Dr. Mark Rohwer, Vocal
Bob Vetter, Band
Christopher Rhodes, HS Vocal


The purpose of this organization is to provide a group of experienced, active and competent music adjudicators. This association of music adjudicators offers high standards of ethics, encourages the development of music in the schools and works in cooperation with the University Interscholastic League, school administrators, music directors, student participants, the Texas Music Educators Association along with the Texas Bandmasters Association, Texas Choral Directors Association and the Texas Orchestra Directors Association.

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